A new .NET Core web application project includes the full .NET Core MVC framework by default. However, Redakt CMS web rendering only uses the MVC core package. If you do not require any MVC features in your web project yourself, you can remove the dependency on the full MVC framework

Routing conflicts

If, additionally to Redakt CMS, you do use MVC in your project, you should note the order in which they are registered in the ASP.NET Core middleware pipeline. This is important in case of URL routing conflicts. For example, if you have a /contact page in Redakt CMS, and you also have a ContactController with a default Index action, this URL may be handled by both Redakt CMS and MVC. In this case, the middleware which is registered first in the pipeline "wins" and handles the request. Depending on your situation, you may either want MVC or Redakt CMS to take priority.