Redakt makes heavy use of application-level caching. By default, local service in-process memory caching is used and provides the best performance. Because of this, it is also recommended for distributed applications, in combination with a distributed service bus for cache invalidation. For very large distributed applications, an out-of-process cache may be considered.

Module list

Redakt develops and maintains the following application cache modules. Click on the links below for setup instructions. The In-Memory cache module is used by default if no other cache module has been registered.

Custom implementation

If you want to use a different application cache, you can develop your own application cache module by implementing the IApplicationCache interface. This interface contains methods for storing and retrieving cache objects. You may also want to implement the IInitializableProvider interface for your application cache module to perform any cache initialization on application startup.

Your IApplicationCache implementation must be registered as a singleton scope with the IoC container.