The number editor renders a control for setting numeric values. The number editor only accepts digits and a decimal separator. The number editor can optionally be prefixed with a label.

The number editor is the default editor for numeric property types, f.e. int, long, decimal and double. The number editor may also be used for a string property type, as long as the string value can be parsed to a numeric value.

Number editor with currency prefix


The number editor is the default editor for numeric properties. You can set additional configuration through the NumberEditorAttribute.


You can set the number of decimal places that can be edited for the property value through the Decimals property of the NumberEditorAttribute. This only applies to decimal or floating-point property types.


You can set a prefix label for the editor through the Prefix property of the NumberEditorAttribute. A prefix label is rendered to the left side of the input field and can provide additional information about the intended use of the property to the user. This can also be done by decorating the same property with the Prefix attribute.


public class SampleContent: IContentType
    // Renders a number editor by convention.
    public int MaxItems { get; set; }

    // Specifies a currency numeric editor.
    [NumberEditor(Decimals = 2, Prefix = "EUR")]
    public decimal DailyRate { get; set; }

    // ...