In distributed hosting environments, the different Redakt instances need a way of communicating with each other, for example for cache invalidation messages. This is done through a service bus implementation. If your application is not going to be distributed (i.e. you only have a single application instance for your whole web application), then you don't need to configure any service bus module.

Module list

Redakt supports service bus products from several different vendors out of the box. The following service bus modules are developed and maintained by Redakt. Click on the links for setup & configuration instructions.

Custom implementation

If you want to use a different service bus product, you can develop your own service bus module by implementing the IServiceBus interface. This interface contains methods for sending and receiving service bus messages. In most cases, you will also want to implement the IInitializableProvider interface for your service bus module to perform any service bus initialization on application startup.

Your IServiceBus implementation must be registered as a singleton scope with the IoC container.