API Reference: MultilineAttribute Class

The MultilineAttribute can be applied to content model properties. The attribute specifies that a multiline textbox (textarea) editor should be used for the property in the back office. The property type should be string, or implicitly convertible from string values.


Decorate the content model property with the MultilineAttribute. The following properties can be set in the attribute constructor:

bool NoResize
If set to true, the editor cannot be resized. Defaults to false (textbox is resizable).

int Height
Sets the height of the editor in pixels. Defaults to 120 pixels.


public class SampleContent: IContentType
    // Specifies a resizable multiline textbox with default height.
    public string Description { get; set; }

    // Specifies a resizable multiline textbox with a height of 400 pixels.
    [Multiline(Height = 400)]
    public string IntroText { get; set; }

    // Specifies a non-resizable multiline textbox with a height of 200 pixels.
    [Multiline(Height = 200, NoResize = true)]
    public string Summary { get; set; }

    // ...