Razor tag helpers are a powerful new feature of ASP.NET Core. Redakt CMS comes with a number of tag helpers out of the box that can aid you in efficient implementation of page layouts.

Redakt tag helpers can introduce new tag names, extend standard HTML tags, or both. To make it more obvious that a tag or attribute is part of Redakt logic, Redakt custom tag names and attribute names on standard HTML tags will always start with rx-. Only attribute names on custom tags do not start with rx-, because it is already clear from the tag name that this is a Redakt tag.


To be able to use the Redakt tag helpers, you have to add a reference to your _ViewImports.cshtml view. Add the following line to the bottom of the file, below the default ASP.NET Core tag helper reference:

@addTagHelper *, Redakt.Web

List of tag helpers

This is a list of built-in tag helpers that can be used with Redakt layouts. Click on the links for implementation details.