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public interface IContentTypeAttribute



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AllowAtRootAttribute Specifies that this content type model can be used for the root page in a site or a root item in an asset library.
AllowChildrenAttribute Specifies the content types that children of this content type are allowed to have in the page or library hierarchy. Derived content types are not included automatically and must be specified explicitly.
AllowViewAttribute Specifies a view that can be selected for this content type model.
AssetAttribute Specifies that this model represents an Asset node contained in an Asset Library.
DefaultSectionAttribute Specifies the default section name for properties that do not have a section explicitly set. If this attribute is ommitted, the default section name is "Content".
DisplayNameAttribute Sets the label for the property editor in the Redakt backoffice. If omitted, the label will be generated from the property name.
FileUploadAttribute Indicates that this content view model can be created through a media upload in the back office, optionally providing a custom upload handler.
FolderAttribute Specifies that this model represents a Folder node contained in an Asset Library.
HttpHeaderAttribute Sets a response HTTP header value. Only applies to page content types.
IconAttribute Sets the icon to be displayed for a page, asset or content property in the Redakt back office.
KeyAttribute Sets the unique key that is used to save the property value to the data store. This is useful if the property name has been changed, but content was already stored with the previous key. If omitted, the key is equal to the property name. Changing the key will lead to all previous values of this property being inaccessible.
MediaTypeAttribute Specifies the default Content-Type HTTP header value for the response of the page.
PageAttribute Specifies that this class represents a Page content type. Pages are used as the view models for Razor views in your site.
ResponseCacheAttribute Sets the HTTP response cache expiration on seconds. Only applies to page content types.
TitleFormatAttribute Sets the title format for content of this type when rendered as nested content in the Redakt back office application. Insert content property values with property keys in double curly braces (case insensitive), for example: "{{FirstName}} {{LastName}}". If omitted, the property display name will be used. This class cannot be inherited.
WorkflowAttribute Specifies which workflow should be enabled for this model. Defaults to edit/approve/publish for page types, and always publish for asset types.